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         Welcome to the “Superior Training Limited Partnership” Homepage. The Superior Training Limited Partnership is the Training and Consultancy firm of the Total Product Supply-Chain Management and Efficiency Improvement, People Competency Development, People Management Skills Development, and People Leadership Development.

  • We provide the services and advices on the E2E Supply Chain Management from Manufacturing & Production, Products Supply and Trading, Product Quality Control, Primary Transportation of products, Products Storage and handling, Products Stock Reconciliation, Products Loss Control, Warehouse Operations and Inventory Management, Products Scheduling and Delivery Management, Secondary Transportation of products, Excellence Customer Service Management, Retail and Branch Operations Management, Operations Efficiency Improvement, and the Renewable Energy Efficiency Management and Improvement in particular the Solar Energy Management.
  • With these capabilities, we could help to improve your company ‘s relevant staff and managers’ competency and leadership by providing the relevant Functional Competency, People Competency Development, Management Competency Development, and People Leadership Development’s training courses in order that we could help them having more knowledge, more competency, and more leadership in driving and delivering better and higher revenue for the enterprise while reducing operational issues, rework, reconciliations, and duplication, improve the efficiency, improve the company competitiveness, and definitely improve your company bottom line.
  • We also provide functional operations’ supports and consultation, people management, people development, and leadership advices, trainings, and coaching.


With more than 25 year experiences of the Superior Training Limited Partnership’s founder that he used to work in the Shell Company of Thailand Limited in various Supply Chain and Logistics’ roles, international assignments’ roles, worked in the different culture and different working environment, big group of people management, and other experienced professional trainers and consultants in our team that could help to see what areas we can help you to improve the safety management, improve the efficiency, reduce the wastes, improve functional competency, people development competency & leadership competency development, and help delivering a better company’s bottom line.


We also could help your company, your people, and your leaders in meeting the Thailand Economy 4.0 Strategies and Directions and becoming to be the society of the “Knowledge Based Economy” by having more knowledge, more efficiency and productivity of the operations, more managerial and development skills, and more leadership skills

  • THE GOVERNMENT is pursuing its “Thailand 4.0” project by utilizing innovative technology to improve quality of life, productivity and efficiency for all businesses in the nation.
  • The government will also come out with new laws this year related to digitization, while the Information and Communications Technology Ministry is setting up three "Digital Thailand" projects.
  • Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said at a seminar called "Digital Thailand 2016" that the government would support the installation of information-technology infrastructure.
  • It will also promote cooperation between the government and private sectors to develop human resources, hardware, software, and telecommunication equipment, and integrate all sectors such as smart agriculture to support the digitization of the country.
  • Thailand 4.0 can be realized only if three major changes happen, more or less simultaneously:
  1. Change production of "commodities" into "innovative products".
  2. Transform industry-driven activities into those driven by technology, creativity and innovation.
  3. Shift from the focus on making products, to providing services.
  • If Thailand is to escape from the traps that have stunted its growth for the past decade or so, the service industry must get a real shakeup. High-value services must replace traditional services.
  • At the same time, unskilled and low-skill labour will have to be injected with knowledge, expertise and high skills.

Knowledge Based Economy

  • In meeting Thailand 4.0 Strategy and Directions, the people knowledge and leadership skills development are the keys in order to help improving the competitiveness, improve the efficiency of the businesses, and improve the people leadership skills.
  • Thailand is well on its way to becoming a knowledge-based economy, which implies increased productivity, manufacture of high value-added products, and unleashing the creativity of the Thai people. This is clearly noticeable in the agricultural sector, where the nation has moved away from being a mere supplier of raw materials to a manufacturer of processed foods which can compete on a global level. In the auto industry as well, Thailand is enhancing its production capacity of more technologically advanced components to service the needs of an industry that is well on the way to being ranked 10th in the world.
  • Investing in teachers - Employers have reported serious shortages of skills in math, science, English, IT, entrepreneurship, and general thinking. Efforts to improve teacher quality could emphasize these areas in teachers training.
  • Since teacher quality is crucial, the best students can be encouraged to join the profession. Offering more scholarships may encourage top students to take on a teaching job.
  • Linking education institutions and training centers with future employers - Collaboration can take on many forms: joint research projects, the involvement of employers in curriculum revisions, and short-term training programs offered by universities to upgrade workers.


       From aforementioned above.  We are ready, having knowledges, having experiences in the real working environment, real training and provided consultancy to our people in the past. Therefore, we have the capacity and ability to help your companies or your organizations to step up to the Knowledge Based Society, Knowledge Based Economy and towards achieving the Thailand Economy 4.0 in the near future soon.


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