We also provide the Consultancy Service in the following areas:

  • People and Leadership Development Framework and Implementation
    • Job Competency Profiling
    • Functional Competency Assessment and Gap Closure
    • Leadership Competency Assessment and Gap Closure
    • Leadership Attribute Assessment and Gap Closure
    • Staff Estimated Potential Assessment, and Staff Development Plans
    • Succession Planning
    • Goals Setting and Performance Appraisal
    • Learning and Development Programs
    • Individual Development Plans
    • Jobs and Progression Opportunities
    • Recognition Award Program
    • Graduate, High Potential, and Experienced Hire's Recruitment and Development Program
    • Etc.
  • End-to-End Supply Chain & Logistics' Operations Efficiency Improvement and Optimization to reduce the costs
  • Manufacturing Operations Management
  • Manufacturing Economics and Optimization
  • Manufacturing Continuous Improvement
  • Supply and Trading Products Deal Making Management
  • Supply and Trading Operations Management
  • Supply Logistics Deal Making Management
  • Primary Transport Operations Management
    • PT via Ship Tanker Management
    • PT via Pipeline Management
    • PT via Rail Management
    • PT via Truck Management
  • Product Quality Management
  • Depot and Terminal Operations Management
  • Terminal Operations Manuals, Procedures, and Work Instructions
  • Asset Integrity and Process Safety Management
  • Operations Health Safety Security and Environment Management System
  • Contractor Safety Management
  • Contractor Green Banding Assessment
  • Warehouse Operations and Inventory Management
  • Stock Reconciliation Management
  • Product Loss Control Management
  • Secondary Transport Operations Management
    • ST via Barge Management
    • ST via Truck Management
  • Road Transport Safety Management
  • Effective Fatigue Management
  • Hauler Green Banding Assessment
  • Hauler Professional Management
  • Driver Trainer Assessment and Management
  • Customer Service and Satisfaction Management
  • Retail and Branch Operations Management
  • Renewable Energy Management and Improvement
  • Iso 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS/TIS 18001
  • Any other areas required by clients

If we can help you or your company in any areas, please Contact Us accordingly.


We would be really appreciated and grateful if you could advise any other areas of the People and Leadership Development, Supply Chain Management and Efficiency Improvement that your organizatiion would like to focus and improve in order that we could help you to provide those reviews, supports, and services accordingly.

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